About us

    We’re more than simply investors: our passion is to work closely with management and employees to turn companies around and steer them back on the road towards a brighter future. Our twenty-five year solid track record in the manufacturing sector enables us to spot problems and opportunities quickly, and work with management to turn things around. We focus on mid-size industrial companies that operate in a niche market and have the potential to become market leader in their sector. We unlock their potential through a dedicated and hands-on process of restructuring and redevelopment, coupled with a buy and build strategy to bring new customers, new markets or new technologies.

    Twenty-five years experience

    Stibbe Participaties started back in 1990 with the acquisition of a struggling Dutch cooling and refrigeration technology company. Its successful turnaround was the beginning of a twenty-five year solid track record in acquiring, restructuring and redeveloping industrial manufacturing companies that have unrealized potential. We currently manage a portfolio of companies active in food, pharma and (fine) chemical applications. Our companies are active in Europe, Asia and USA.

    Realizing the maximum potential

    All our holdings have three things in common: a clear growth or development strategy, dynamic management, and competitive advantages. What distinguishes us from the pack is that we exclusively invest our own capital and that we’re in it for the long haul. We believe building a successful company that realizes its maximum potential is a collaborative process that takes years – sometimes even decades. We take a hands-on approach and are involved in all aspects of strategy and operations.

    True entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is our passion. Identifying companies other people overlook, finding their unrealized potential and going to work with management and employees to turn things around by adding value, organising recovery and stimulating growth. During the past twenty-five years, we are gratified that our proven investment philosophy has resulted in the successful turnaround of many companies.