Stibbe Participaties acquires injection moulding machine manufacturer Stork IMM in Hengelo

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    19.07.2021 – Stibbe Participaties acquires Stork IMM (Injection Moulding Machines)


    On July 19, 2021, Stibbe Participaties acquired injection moulding machine manufacturer Stork IMM from private equity firm Wadinko. Prior to the merger, Stibbe and Wadinko conducted a refinancing operation making Stork IMM debt free. 


    According to Stibbe Participaties' founder and CEO, the new acquisition is a welcome addition to his portfolio. “Stork IMM is a great company with a proud history that promises smooth sailing under our wings”, according to Stibbe. “I see a lot of potential, and we’re working hard with its staff and management to realize that”.