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A long-term investment



We’re more than simply investors: our passion is to work closely with management and employees to turn companies around and steer them back on the road towards a brighter future. Our twenty-five year solid track record in the manufacturing sector enables us to spot problems and opportunities quickly, and work with management to turn things around and unlock the unrealized potential. 


Restructuring a company is a highly complex and often emotional process in which success largely depends on your ability to bring people together. That’s why our investment philosophy is first and foremost about promoting partnership: uniting management, employees, customers, suppliers, unions and other relevant people behind the greater good: the ultimate long-term health of the company.


The buy & build strategy is the cornerstone of our success. We are continuously looking for new investment opportunities in midsize industrial manufacturing companies. 

We typically invest in one of the following situations: succession constructions, distressed companies, management buy-out or carve-out.

We are in it for the long haul. When we invest, we don’t just bring our own capital, but our twenty-five years of proven experience as well.


Stibbe Participaties is a privately owned investment company specializing in buy-and-build strategies for industrial manufacturing companies worldwide. We are a long-term investor and invest exclusively with our own capital, which make us that much more dedicated and involved. Our expertise is to turn struggling companies around and make them prosper for the long haul by adding value, organise recovery and stimulate growth. That’s why we don’t just invest our money, but our time and proven business expertise as well.

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