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Restructuring a company is a highly complex and often emotional process in which success largely depends on your ability to bring people together. That’s why our investment philosophy is first and foremost about promoting partnership: uniting management, employees, customers, suppliers, unions, investors and other relevant people behind the greater good: the ultimate long-term health of the company.

Close cooperation

Once we have acquired a new company, we work closely with management, employees and other stakeholders to develop a restructuring and redevelopment strategy that will turn things around. The plan sets realistic long-term objectives in combination with concrete short-term plans, which are designed to improve the current performance of the company. For operational support, we rely on our extensive network of managers whose profile best matches the needs of the company.


But plans are useless without commitment from people. That’s why we work hard to create the proper chemistry between management and investment teams. And we clearly define the roles: management runs the day to day business while the investment team plays a hands-on role in the Supervisory Board to guide, support and coach management where needed. Our ultimate goal is a true partnership between management and the investment team. So we can all add value, organise the needed recovery and stimulate growth.

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