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AMS Group

AMS Group is a Dutch Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with product development and manufacturing capabilities in both The Netherlands and China for clients in Europe, Asia and the USA. For over ten years, AMS has been a bridge for Western companies to manufacture in China, working for both IoT hardware tech startups, as well as for global industrial market leaders.


Since its founding in 2003, AMS has developed the knowledge, experience and specialized networks necessary for the manufacturing of quality products in China at competitive prices. AMS’ proposition is based on its 100% ownership of an assembly facility in Foshan and strongly developed supply chains in the south China region. Combined with the proto typing- and testing workshop in Amsterdam, AMS has created a full service proposition for a broad international client base.


Employing over 75 people, AMS' clients are leading brands in markets for training equipment, lighting systems, dispensing and child safety. Stibbe Participaties decided to invest in AMS to enhance and support the initiatives of the Pharma Group in China and strengthen the combined purchasing power within the Stibbe Participaties group of companies. With AMS fully on board, further resource pooling was implemented in managing supply- and logistic chains. AMS’ presence in China helps to further synchronize the Far East growth ambitions of the Stibbe Participaties group of companies.

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