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Bolz is a well-known German company based in Wangen im Allgäu specialized in drying applications for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Its expertise in application engineering and innovative product development made the company one of the market leaders in drying equipment.


The Bolz-Summix agitated conical dryers and mixers utilize the well-proven principle of a rotating screw driven by a radial arm. The result is a three-dimensional mixing action of the product with convection being the dominant force. The drive system has been specially developed and manufactured by Bolz-Summix. The mixing screw driveline is completely independent from the orbit arm transmission.

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Due to a downturn in the market, Bolz went through a severe restructuring program and was split in three different companies. Stibbe Participaties carved out the division Mixers & Dryers and merged the company with the Drying division (Summix) of Terlet. A new center of competence for mixing and drying equipment (Bolz-Summix) was created with the main focus on Pharmaceutical and Fine chemical applications. Bolz is currently part of the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group.

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