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The previously privately owned GFT Trenntechnik in Viersen was founded in 1990, specializing in manufacturing discontinuous vertical filter centrifuges for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. In 1995 the first huge vertical gypsum centrifuges for FGD application were launched. One year later, GFT acquired the HEINE centrifuge business from BUSS SMS GmbH, and invested in building an active after sales team to service the combined installed base of centrifuges.


Over the years GFT developed a solid European customer base. It covered the full range of vertical and horizontal peeler centrifuges for pharmaceutical or chemical applications. Its expertise was finding niche applications which they could fill with specialized products, application and their in-house engineering capabilities. Examples were the first horizontal lab peeler and the first specially designed discontinuous centrifuge for blood plasma applications.

GFT 1.jpg
GFT 3.jpg
GFT 4.jpg

With the help of Stibbe Participaties, GFT found a new home following the integration with Heinkel in 2005. GFT’s well developed product portfolio, success in several niche applications and large installed base makes GFT a valuable addition to the Heinkel product portfolio.

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