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If you have taken an aspirin or a heart medicine recently, there is a good chance that the fine chemicals inside were produced with Heinkel machines. Heinkel is one of the market leaders in solids-liquid separation based on its unique patented inverting centrifuge technology. It has strong brand recognition, a worldwide installed base and -- in terms of customers -- is one of the top-50 leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. 


Heinkel provides the best solutions for solid liquid separation in the life science industries (pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotechnology). Its commitment to excellence enables customers to produce their products in a reliable, effective and safe manner. Heinkel Process Technology provides solutions for centrifugation, extraction, classifying and gas treatment.

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Stibbe Participaties acquired the company in 2005 after a turbulent time caused by a sharp downturn in the pharmaceutical industry. Working together with local management, Stibbe developed a bold new strategic plan, which was based on leaving the comfort of a 100% pharmaceutical niche. Manufacturing was reorganized and operational excellence in the supply chain was improved, using the buying power in Eastern Europe, China and the USA. Product development and add-on acquisitions resulted in a strong position in markets outside the pharmaceutical industry. And more efficient management of the installed base -- called the “pillow strategy” -- became a priority of Heinkel’s marketing strategy, resulting in stable recurring income from after sales and service.
The combination of solid German management and hands-on support from Stibbe Participaties proved to be one of the key success factors in the revival of Heinkel.



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