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Helpman is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of air coolers and air-cooled condensers for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Applications are in air-conditioning, meat & fish processing, refrigerated storage, food processing, supermarkets, refrigerated sea transport and heat recovery.

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The company underperformed for many years, due primarily to high costs structures and weak operational management. Owners and management approached Stibbe Participaties for an investment proposition in 1990. Stibbe Participaties took on the challenge and within two years the company was back on track: highly profitable, virtually debt-free and ready for the future. In addition Stibbe Participaties tackled the challenge of creating a platform for a new shareholder structure, which further revitalized the company. Helpman was the starting point for the platform strategy of Stibbe Participaties with focus on companies with unrealized potential.

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