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Lenteq is a high technology niche player in the market for point of sale mixing and dispensing equipment for paints. Launched more than a decade ago by a highly experienced group of technicians, Lenteq found a niche in affordable, state of the art sequential piston dosing systems.


Lenteq’s management had invested heavily in state of the art IP and first production series of novel sequential piston mixing equipment for point of sales paint coloring. But the company struggled with launching problems and converting its promising new technology into marketable products and services.

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Stibbe Participaties brought its financial strength, managerial skills and supply chain and sales development expertise to the table to help Lenteq develop a strong and proven market position based on its unique technical designs. Since then, this niche technology has turned into a proven and respected product that is in great demand by the leading volume producers in the market.


As a result Lenteq was acquired by CPS Color, one of the two dominant players in the world in the market for dispensing equipment. The Lenteq product range today forms an integrated product portfolio with the already existing CPS product range and its technology is being leveraged through the worldwide sales power of CPS.

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