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Nihot Recycling Technology is a proven market leader in the manufacturing and supply of waste separation technologies, systems and components using controlled air. Nihot's air technologies feature superior quality and reliability, yielding high efficiency in waste separation.

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After acquiring Nihot in 2007, Stibbe Participaties stabilized the company by implementing a new management structure, improving management control and offering hands-on support to its management. A new international sales organization was built, geared for a worldwide distribution network. New product development has given a boost to its brand recognition.


Standardization and modernization of the product lines have brought manufacturing costs down substantially. The combination of its unique market position, cost price reduction and short lead times turned Nihot into a winner in the recycling industry and a solid partner for engineering contractors in the environmental industry.


Nihot and USA-based engineering contractor BHS had been working together for many years in the design of sorting systems for solid waste, recycling, and construction and demolition industries. In 2012 the parties decided to join forces, resulting in the successful takeover of Nihot by BHS.

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