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Petrogas is a Dutch engineering company that specializes in the development of 'tailor made' turnkey gas plants. Its unique expertise is the delivery of skid-mounted structures, which are easy to transport and install. Its clients are national and international gas companies, engineering firms and gas using industries.

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Stibbe Participaties acquired Petrogas from the publicly listed company Econosto. First priority was the implementation of rigid project planning systems, cost control and strict risk management in the legal contracts. These are the keys to success in project-oriented companies like Petrogas. Next step was the development of a broad product portfolio in measuring and regulation stations, mixing units, LPG-facilities, biogas and landfill gas plants and gas dehydration. Based on this “complete along the line” concept, Petrogas was quickly recognized as a key player in the industry. OEM partnership models paved the way for its successful international expansion.


Petrogas worked closely with Dutch gas institute Gastec on several gas related projects for years. When Gastec decided to combine consultancy and hardware under one roof, the acquisition of Petrogas was the logical next step.

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